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满分:150分  时间:120分钟
第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)
1. What does the woman probably do in the future?
A. A teacher.   B. A lawyer.   C. A engineer.
2. Where does the conversation most probably take place?
 A. In a classroom.  B. In a restaurant.   C. In a bookshop.
3. Which season is it now?
A. Spring.     B. Winter.       C. Summer.
4. What does the man suggest doing?
 A. Playing tennis.  B. Dining outside.    C. Repairing his bike.
5. What day is it today?
A. Wednesday.    B. Monday.      C. Saturday.
6. What are the two speakers talking about?
A. An interesting book. B. A moving film.  C. A touching play.
7. What does the woman usually like?
A. Love story.   B. Romance.     C. Non-fiction books.
8. Where is the house the woman bought?
 A. In the south of the capital city.
 B. In the north of the capital city.
 C. In the east of the capital city.
9. What does the woman think of the kitchen?
A. Old-fashioned.  B. Quite new.   C. Quite modern.
10. What’s the total price of the house?
  A. 250,000 dollars.     B. 520,000 dollars.    C. 52,000 dollars.
11. Why does Steven plan to open a hamburger shop?
  A. Because he likes hamburgers.
  B. Because there is no good hamburgers in the city.
C. Because he wants to open a hamburger shop with good service.
12. How will Steven’s parents support him?
 A. His father will borrow some money for him from a bank.
 B. Both his parents will help him work in the shop.
 C. His mother will help him if necessary.
13. How will Steven start his business?
 A. He will visit more shops.    
B. He will attend a training class.    
C. He will help in other hamburger shops.
14. Why do the two speakers not like their new physics teacher?
  A. He walks like a young man.   B. His classes are boring.   C. He is unkind.   
15. What do we know about their French teacher?
 A. She doesn’t leave her students any homework.
 B. She often forces her students to memorize the texts.
C. She wants her students to speak French more often.
16. What’s the probable relationship between the two speakers?
A. Classmates.    B. Workmates.     C. Teacher and student.
17. What will the speakers do next?
 A. Go to the physics teacher’s office.
 B. Collect other students’ suggestions.
 C. Go to visit the headmaster.
18. When and where was Grace Bumbry born?
A. In 1937, in Saint Louis.   B. In 1937, in Boston.  C. In 1973, in Saint Louis.
19. Why did the school not let Grace attend classes with other students?
 A. Because she was often late for school.
 B. Because she didn’t study hard.
 C. Because she was black.
20. What does Grace do now?
A. Travel around the world.
B. Sing in concerts and teach students.
C. Continue to study music in the university.

Time Events
In 1937 Grace Bumbry was born in Missouri.
In 1954 Grace Bumbry won a scholarship to a local 18. _______. But the school wouldn’t let her attend classes with other students.
In 1960 Grace Bumbry made her first 19. _______ public appearance at the Paris Opera.
In 1961 Grace Bumbry became the first black singer ever to perform at the Bayreuth Festival in 20. _______.

第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)
第一节 单项填空(共15题;每小题1分,满分15分)
21. My brother often plays _____ piano after _____ school. And on weekends he likes to go to ____ cinema with his friends.
  A. the; /; /  B. /; the; the  C. the; /; the  D. a; /; /
22. I can’t ______ what has happened to the poor child, for he was only sent to hospital yesterday.
  A. draw out  B. look out  C. turn out   D. figure out
23. You’ll find the houses and circumstances there different, but much of ______ you find inside will be familiar.
A. what   B. which   C. /    D. these
24. I left my pen on the desk and now it’s gone; who ______ it?
  A. would take  B. has taken  C. will take   D. had taken
25. ______ themselves awake, they sat on the floor and told each other stories.
  A. Keep  B. Keeping  C. To keep  D. To have kept
26. It is so good a place ______ everybody expected ______ it is well known all over the world.
  A. as; that     B. that; as    C. as; as     D. that; that
27. Sometimes he found ______ very hard to fall asleep at night, so he went to see the doctor.
A. him B. this C. that D. it
28. ______ the program, they have to stay there for another two weeks.
  A. Not completing      B. Not completed
 C. Not having completed    D. Having not completed
29. In our school, what impressed the students the most was the Student Activity, ______ they could get lots of information from outside.
  A. that  B. where  C. which  D. when
30. It was not until dark ______ he found ______ he thought was the correct way to solve the  problem.
  A. that; what  B. that; that  C. when; what  D. when; that
31. — Do you think he will do me a favor?
  — As far as I know, he is the last one to help others. But he ______ be prepared to give you a hand, though.
  A. must  B. might  C. can  D. should
32. When I dropped in at his office, he was ______ in typing some letters.
  A. concerned   B. concentrated  C. devoted   D. occupied
33. The teacher is writing ______ a piece of chalk on the blackboard while the students are writing ______ ink in exercise books.
  A. with; in  B. in; with  C. in; in   D. with; with
34. This event not only raised ______ of world hunger, but also raised a lot of money to help starving children.
A. knowledge B. information  C. conscience  D. awareness
35. — We seldom see this plant here. It must be a rare species.
  — ______ There are a lot of them in my country.
  A. Not really.  B. I can’t believe it!
C. Never mind.  D. You’re right.

1. I’ll send you $100 today, the rest ______ in a year.
A. following B. to follow C. will follow   D. followed
2. Getting on well with anyone around you in life, especially ______ who always keeps silent, is extremely difficult.
  A. those     B. which     C. the one    D. someone
3. It was playing computer games that cost the boy plenty of time that he _____ have spent doing his lessons.
  A. might    B. must    C. should   D. could
4. ______ halfway through the exercise, the teacher changed his mind and collected all our papers.
A. When only being   B. When we were only
C. Being only   D. Only having been
5. — Did David fail the math exam again this time?
 — Well, his teacher seems ________ with his performance.
  A. pleasing   B. please     C. pleased    D. to please
1. B。考查非谓语动词。逗号后面没有关联词,故后面不能是个句子,即不能出现谓语动词。该动作表示主动和将来,故用动词不定式。
2. D。考查代词。此处用someone是泛指,与前面的anyone构成同位关系。
3. C。考查情态动词。should + have + done 表示“本应该做某事而没有做”。
4. B。考查句式和非谓语动词。根据句意判断,分词的逻辑主语不是句中的主语the teacher,因此必须使用完整的形式,答案为B。
5. C。考查形容词。形容词pleased在句子中作表语,形容人的状态,故答案为C。

第二节 完形填空(共20小题,每小题1.5分,满分30分)难度:中
Can one person, especially one old woman who has lost everything, really make a difference in the world?
Naomi and her husband along with their son were 36 to leave their home and move to a foreign land because of a(n) 37 famine (饥荒) in their homeland. Over time, the son married a foreign woman named Ruth. Then, her husband and son 38 , leaving Naomi and her daughter-in-law widows. In those times, widows, 39 foreign widows, had no support. These two women were poor and without 40 . So Naomi set out to return home to the place she had 41 . Before she set out, she 42 her daughter-in-law to return to her family. 43 Ruth said words of 44 and grace to Naomi, “Don’t let me leave you or turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Where you die I will die, and there I will be 45 .”
These two women, broken by life but tied to each other by 46 , returned to Naomi’s home. Ruth was able to take care of Naomi in the foreign country. It was 47 and dangerous work, but Ruth did it to provide for her mother-in-law.
Before long, Ruth’s faithfulness and beauty 48 a man named Boaz, who made sure Ruth was able to provide for Naomi and also made sure she was protected from being abused (虐待). Ruth was surprised by such 49 .
Naomi’s bitterness began to 50 due to the faithfulness of Ruth. Ruth was 51 by Boaz and became his wife. The story 52 with Naomi, who was once nicknamed “Bitterness”, living a happy life.
Something unimaginable happened when all of life was broken and Naomi had lost 53 dear to her, except Ruth. All the people know that Ruth is a woman of 54 character because of her faithful love 55 her own unspeakable grief and hardship.
Naomi’s story reminds us that a faithful woman can change everything!
36. A. advised B. invited  C. forced D. allowed
37. A. serious    B. obvious    C. sudden    D. dangerous
38. A. passed away   B. went out    C. gave up     D. came back
39. A. finally  B. especially    C. partly     D. practically
40. A. care    B. sense     C. difficulty    D. hope
41. A. left    B. discovered    C. chosen    D. arranged
42. A. refused     B. ordered     C. encouraged    D. helped
43. A. And    B. So     C. If     D. But
44. A. bravery     B. loyalty    C. luck      D. power
45. A. praised    B. killed     C. defeated    D. buried
46. A. happiness    B. love      C. curiosity    D. friendship
47. A. private    B. boring     C. hard     D. common
48. A. attracted    B. shocked     C. encouraged   D. comforted
49. A. nature     B. kindness     C. patience     D. choice
50. A. better     B. change     C. sweeten    D. improve
51. A. admired    B. respected    C. preferred     D. selected
52. A. changes     B. happens    C. differs     D. ends
53. A. somebody    B. everyone    C. nobody    D. everything
54. A. special    B. successful    C. noble    D. respectful
55. A. in honor of   B. in case of    C. in view of    D. in times of
第三部分 阅读理解(共20小题;每小题2分,满分40分)
Maui Island is in the US. It is the second biggest island in Hawaii and a very attractive place to spend your vacations. Maui condos are apartments or flats with cool corridors (走廊) facing towards the sea. Rooms are properly furnished with all comfortable amenities. Condos may differ in size from a big apartment room to a one-bedroom or a two-bedroom apartment.
 Rental rates are high during mid-December and March and also between June and September. Therefore, if you are thinking of visiting Maui during the holiday season, make sure you book a Maui condo well in advance. The rates of two-bedroom condos may cost up to $300 all through the holiday season.
Maui resorts (度假胜地) and hotels are for those who want to stay in luxury and enjoy the excellent facilities (设施) offered by the resorts. In Maui there are plenty of luxury resorts available according to your requirements and budget. If you are searching for an affordable trip with your family in Maui, then go for Maui condos rather than luxury hotels.
Maui condos offer surfing, diving, sailing and dining. Condos also offer exciting night life. They also have a Maui arts and traditional center where you can watch many live art shows like the symphony, band and dance shows. In Maui, you can hike through volcano,m in waterfalls, or just settle down and enjoy the sunshine on the beach. Also there are many restaurants to satisfy everybody’s taste.
Families visiting Maui often stay in a condo instead of a hotel as it is more like a home. Condos are situated mostly near the beach or the ocean. Though Maui condos are located near the beach they have their own recreational facilities, ideal for indoor and outdoor activities. Maui condos have all the basic equipment that we use in our daily life.
56. What does the underlined word “amenities” in Paragraph 1 refer to?
A. The good views from windows.
B. The information about attractions.
C. The services of a hotel.
D. The things provided in a room.
57. From this passage we learn that __________.
A. Maui Island is the second biggest island in the world
B. most of the local people in Maui like living in condos
C. Maui rental varies from season to season
D. the style and size of condos in Maui have no difference
58. What can we infer from the passage?
A. Few tourists live in luxury hotels when visiting Maui.
B. Maui condos are much cheaper than luxury hotels.
C. A family will spend a lot of money on a visit to Maui.
D. Most tourists visit Maui resorts in winter.
59. Which of the following activities in Maui is NOT mentioned in the passage?
A. Watching films.  B.mming.   C. Boating.    D. Watching art shows.
I was an introvert (内向的人) by nature. For as long as I remember, putting on a sincere smile when meeting someone had never been easy. The key to a sincere smile however, is simple. It’s to be excited. But that’s the source of the problem. When meeting people, instead of being excited, I often felt upset.
But we all know friends are important. The more friends you have, the more opportunities you get, whether it’s job opportunities, a romantic relationship, or business partners. So a smile is important to make others feel comfortable. Mother Teresa said, “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”
The smile I’m now talking about is not to make a face to cashiers (收银员) or waiters. I’m talking about those wide smiles you make when meeting old friends. So I’ve discovered a trick. And I call this technique “Oh, it’s Jamie!” When I meet someone, I imagine an old friend of mine called Jamie who was my first friend when we were still kids. It’s no secret why my smile is as wide as I can possibly make. And it’s not just the smile, but my tone and attitude that turn warm as well.
And the best part, whenever you’re friendly to others, they turn friendly in return. You’re not hearing this from me. Some research done by scientists actually backs this claim. So do remember to give it a try.
Three years ago at the age of 23, I took a long hard look at my life and decided that I was nothing. Tired of my life, I set about making dramatic changes and now I have become a popular writer. My success reflects that nothing is too difficult if you try bravely.
60. The author writes this passage mainly to _________.
A. tell us how he achieves success   B. encourage us to perfect our smile
C. describe what a sincere smile is   D. tell us how to make friends
61. What do we know from Mother Teresa’s words in Paragraph 2?
A. People who always smile are sure to have many friends.
B. Many people don’t know the importance of a smile.
C. A smile is important to make others feel comfortable.
D. We can’t live without the help of our friends.
62. What is the key to the author’s trick?
  A. Supposing someone is his old friend.
B. Making many friends when he is young.
C. Making friends with someone like Jamie.
D. Not forgetting the friends he first made.
63. Which of the following sayings can we infer from the passage?
  A. Every road leads to Rome.    B. Try and try; never say die.
C. A friend in need is a friend indeed. D. A good beginning is half success.
A pill that fights snoring (打鼾) could be the secret to a good night’s sleep for millions of couples. Initial results suggest the new drug could be the first pill to handle sleep apnea (呼吸暂停). It may also help reduce the risks of high blood pressure and heart disease linked with sleep apnea.
The condition occurs as a result of the narrowing of the airways. As sleep begins, the muscles in the airway relax. For most people this does not cause a problem, but for those with sleep apnea it leads to a complete loss of strength that stops breathing for at least ten seconds. Once the brain realizes breathing has stopped, it sends out a signal for the airway muscles to contract again.
Treatment normally begins with trying to lose weight. But many patients end up needing a treatment called CPAP, which includes wearing a special mask over the nose and mouth during sleep. Other equipment includes special dental splints (牙夹板), which are worn at night. These treatments are very effective but don’t actually cure the condition.
A pill is regarded by some experts as a perfect method of snoring treatment. The new drug, called Qnexa, was developed as a weight-loss medicine. Researchers noticed an added benefit when they tested volunteers to measure the effects on sleep apnea. Over the course of the trial, which included men and women aged 30 to 65, the number of times their sleep was interrupted by snoring-related problems dropped from an average of 46 times an hour to just 14. Meanwhile, they lost an average of 10 percent of their body weight and saw a great drop in blood pressure.
Professor Jim Horne said, “Around 50 percent of obese people suffer sleep apnea to some degree. When they lie down in bed, their muscles relax and the fat around their neck presses the airway even further. It’s possible this drug helps by causing weight loss or making the throat muscles tighter. We won’t know whether it’s beneficial to habitual snorers who aren’t overweight until more research has been carried out.”
64. According to the passage, the bad effects caused by snoring include ________.
  a. breathlessness b. high blood pressure c. heart disease d. tiredness
  A. a, b, c  B. a, b, d  C. b, c, d  D. a, b, c, d
65. Which of the following is considered to be the best treatment for snoring in the future?
  A. Trying to lose weight. B. Using CPAP when sleeping.
  C. Wearing dental splints at night. D. Taking the new medicine Qnexa.
66. What can we infer from the passage?
  A. Taking one pill of Qnexa a day is able to prevent people from snoring.
B. In the test people who are slim experienced sleep apnea less.
C. Originally the researchers just expected Qnexa to help lose weight.
D. People, whether fat or thin, can’t avoid suffering sleep apnea.
67. Professor Jim Horne thinks that Qnexa ________.
  A. works well with people who snore
  B. may make people lose too much weight
  C. might do harm to throat muscles
  D. needs further studies before it is sold
This player is neither the answer to Bafana Bafana’s goal-scoring problems, nor holds any hopes of being in the national team for the World Cup. But Mmane Koko trains every morning and is now used to playing soccer. She said, “Before I can do my domestic (家庭的) jobs, I go to training every morning. This helps me keep my body healthy. I started exercising after my doctor told me that exercising can keep my body healthy.”
 Mmane Koko, aged 66, said if she had been exposed to soccer at an earlier age, she would have become a top South African striker and could have stolen the limelight from Noko Matlou, who helped South Africa achieve its best ever result in the African women’s soccer cup. She encourages young people to start playing sport early and to continue into their old age as it helps to lower blood pressure and prevent obesity.
She added that because soccer is not only about exercising, but also helps one to put bread on the table, it could make a difference socially. She also says soccer is a business and that clubs these days pay generously. Therefore if the young take sports seriously, they can make a living out of it. But this can only happen if our government participates in developing sport and building stadiums for future generations.
Exercise does do us a lot of good as Mmane Koko says. We can live longer and feel better through exercise. It gives us energy surprisingly enough! Regular exercise reduces our risk of all kinds of diseases. It can help us relieve stress and anxiety, increase our endurance (耐力) and sleep better. Exercise can contribute to our mental well-being and helps treat depression. So if you want to stay fit, keep on exercising to keep your body healthy.
68. What do we learn about Mmane Koko from the passage?
A. She plays soccer in her part time to make money.
B. She is a player in the Bafana Bafana’s team.
C. She will take part in the next World Cup.
D. She keeps healthy by training every morning.
69. The underlined word “limelight” in Paragraph 2 probably means “__________”.
A. photo or picture      B. team membership
C. focus of attention      D. sports uniform
70. According to Mmane Koko, playing soccer not only helps people keep fit but also helps ________.
A. eat more bread      B. support a family
C. learn a great deal     D. become cleverer
71. What should the government do for future generations according to Mmane Koko?
A. Spend more money on sports.  B. Advise people to play soccer.
C. Care about people’s health.   D. Give more money to players.
72. What’s the best title for this passage?
A. Exercise does a lot of good to people.
B. Mmane Koko, a great woman in South Africa.
C. Soccer is a popular sport in the world.
D. Exercise is a good way to treat depression.
It was a very hot day in Michigan and I was trying to escape the heat and yet continue to work well. My boys were both in high school and my daughter was in college. They all had jobs, so I needed to do some washing.
It was wonderful to have a basement to work in. The sun came in through small windows, but the floors allowed for a cool, comfortable place to work. As the day went on, however, I began to feel a bit overheated. When our older son came in from work, he saw me ironing (熨衣服).
“Don’t you want a fan or something, Mom?” he asked. “No, it has been fairly cool. I’ll be done soon,” I said, taking a drink of water from a nearby glass.
He looked around at the clean clothes and, with a smile, left the room. An hour later when I had completed my task, my son came back into the room. “Mom, leave this right here on top of the dryer (烘干机). I made this for you.”
I saw an old shoe box which had paper glued to it and a picture of someone ironing. Inside the box was a dollar bill and next to the picture, it read “Mom’s Tip Money”. I looked at the artwork and my son’s face and realized how much he appreciated the little things I did — things that we often think are unnoticed or taken for granted.
During the days that followed, the kids gladly spared some change for me. It had always been a clear understanding that Mom had dibs on any money in jeans, pants pockets or shirts. But this box meant the world to me, not because of the change, but because it let me know how much they all appreciated the small, everyday things I did.
73. What do we know about the author’s children from the passage?
  A. They all studied in college and were very busy.
  B. They were lazy and didn’t do any washing.
  C. They couldn’t spare any time to do the washing.
  D. They lived far away from her and seldom saw her.
74. When the author’s older son came home, he    .
  A. didn’t notice that she was working
  B. felt grateful for her hard work
  C. brought a glass of water to her
  D. immediately helped her wash clothes
75. According to the passage, the author valued the box because    .
  A. it showed that her work was recognized
B. she could get some money
  C. it had her picture on it
D. her child spent so much time making it
第二卷 (共35分)
第四部分 写作 (共两节,满分35分)
第一节 短文改错 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
I’ve come here for a year. I really enjoyed myself in China.     76. _________
We helped each other until we were together. We often 77. _________
encouraged our classmates not give up when they met with 78. _________
any other difficulty in their study. I not only visited many 79. _________
places of interest but also taste a lot of delicious food like 80. _________
Beijing Duck. What helped me learn more about the culture 81. _________
and the long history of China. What’s more, I should say 82. _________
thanks to my Chinese teachers and classmates. With his help, my 83. _________
Chinese has improved a lot and now I can use it more fluent. How 84. _________
I hope that I can come to China again or make more friends!  85. _________
第二节 书面表达 (满分25分)
1. 保护环境是我们的职责;
2. 我们要养成环保的习惯:(1) 尽量步行上学或骑自行车上学;(2) 离开房间前关灯和其他电器;(3) 不随地扔垃圾;(4) 节约用水;
3. 发出环保的号召。
1. 词数:120左右;
2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;
3. 开头与结尾已为你写好,但不计入总词数。
参考词汇:电器electrical appliance n. [C]
Dear friends,
 As we can see, the environment around us is getting worse and worse.                                          
Thank you!
The Students’ Union

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